Saturday, 20 September 2014

Worst time ever...

I choose the worst time ever to start a blog. 
I literally don't have time for anything lately. As I said earlier we are moving and I have only one week left to finish packing, cleaning and purging my house. Don't get me wrong I'm really happy that we are moving but I'm also terrified. We are movin from 3 bedroom house with garage to 2 bedroom apartment. Amount of boxes that are already packed scares the hell out of me. How we are going to fit it all over there? I dream about unpacking and sorting the apartmet every night. I'm tired, angry and I'm looking forward to the end of this experience. We will return stronger then ever, I have so many new ideas for DIY projects and posts about organization. I can't wait to have time for all of that. I'm also planning to write post about moving tips - it will be up soon I promise :)

Every time I look at these pictures I think only about one thing - apple pie :)

Couple of people have asked about Philip clothes so I decided to write here where did they come from.
*Top - Zara
*Jeans - Kappahl
*Hat - Zara
*Shoes - Converse

by K

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