Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sunny Sunday

A few days ago I decided to write a post about Philip's autumn closet. 
I planned to finish writing it today but the weather surprised me.
I was waiting for sunny weather for a few days now because Philip's birthday is in two weeks and we want to do a birthday photo shoot  on the beach.
Today might be our last chance to do it so we run to the beache with balloons, hats, change of clothes and a lot of other fun stuff. 
Tomorrow will be time to write a post about autumn wardrobe. Today is nothing like autumn.
So don't sit at home go and have fun outside. Enjoy while you still can.

by K

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Let's talk - Organization

Ok so let's talk "organization" today.
Cleaning is my worst nightmare. I have to literally force myself to do it.
I feel like this is never ending story especially when you have a two years old running around.
I rather do a million other things instead of cleaning but life is life and if something needs to be done it must be done - the end.
Organize my day helps me to be on top of things, have them done quicker in the right order so there is less mess and the cleaning gets easier.
 And this is what works for me.

21 item toss - I read about this a few months ago and immediately wanted to try this. The idea is to get rid of 21 unwanted items from the house, it could be anything. I pick up a garbage bag, box, recycling bin and walk around the house until I find 21 things to throw away and believe me it gets more difficult every time:) Sometimes I focus on one area say kitchen and go through kitchen cabinets, drawers, pantry and fridge. Oh yes fridge counts too:) I divide these things into 3 categories: garbage, things for sale and things to donate to the charity. But it really doesn't matter what you do with them as far as they gone from your house.This is really easy way to slowly declutter and organize your home.

To-do list - Every morning I make myself a cup of coffee and sit down at the table this is the time when I'm doing my daily to-do list. I also have a weekly and monthly to-do list(I will say a little bit about those at different time).
This system works for me, I'm able to manage my time better and have more things done. Then on the end of the day when I cross the last position from the list I feel so satisfied. What's on my to-do list: these simple things like
laundry, dishes, prepare dinner, wash the floors but I also go through my calendar and writes there things like birthday, doctor appointment, vet appointment, etc. That way I have everything in one place.

60 seconds rule - I think that this is my favorite tip, it takes me only 60 seconds or less :) So the main rule is " If something in your life takes less then a minute do it now instead of procrastinating". It works with small things like: make the bed, put the shoes on their place, put away toys after you finish playing, clean up the table after eating, etc. With this rule the house is less cluttered at the end of the day. You can challenge yourself around the house and see what takes less than 60 seconds, I promise you'll be surprised how much you can accomplish in such short time.

                                                                                         by K

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Between rains...

Between the rains is a gap, a few minutes of sun when it seems that the wind is gone.
That's the time when we grab our wellies and run out the door.
Sometimes we manage to get back home before the next rain sometimes not.
Sometimes we wait a while under the tree and hope that the rain stops.
 But we don't only wait, oh no... My little bug dedicates this time to find and explore new things.
Things that he usually only pass through on his way.

 And later in the evening when Philip sleeps we look through the pictures and talk about what happend that today. 
We discuss his new words, gesture, new discoveries and we always come to the same conclusions "He is amazing!", our little baby grew up to curious and smart toddler
When did this haapend?

by K

Monday, 25 August 2014

We had a great summer this year...

At this time of year I have mixed feelings.
Is this fall already? Will these sunny days return?
Is cold, foggy and rainy, the first leaves fall from trees.
I don't now whether to love this time of year for those colors, long evenings with the family, warm tea, pumpkin pie and a warm soup.
Or hate because of the weather, short days, soaking wet shoes, flu.

When we can we spend every moment outside. Walking, discovering new signs of autumn, watching the ducks on the river, feeding birds.
We not always that lucky. When the rain starts we spend the time at home playing hide and seek, painting, coloring, reading, learning new things, laughing. We do everything and anything but we do it together.

  So welcome autumn, we are ready for you :)

by K

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Morning walks...

Before Philip was born the only morning walks I had were on my way to work. I didn't like that time of the day, I was cold and sleepy.
 But now - now I love and enjoy every minute of every morning walk I have.
The town is still so quiet, there is only few people on the streets, few cars driving around. 
I like that atmosphere, the time slows down.
We walk around the town wherever the feet can take as(read: wherever Philip decided to go). 
I love it because I can experience it with him.
 by K 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A little bit about as...

There's 3 of as a mom(me), a dad(W.) and a son(Philip).  
We also have a dog(Tabi) :)
I'm 27, he's 30 and the little one is almost 2 years old.

We move to Ireland in 2007, we live in Co. Wexford since then.
Philip our son was born on 11 September 2012 and he definitely was the biggest pice of the puzzle missing in our lives.
  by K

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Whay start a blog?

Whay start a blog? 
Because random things happen on a daily basis.
Because Philip is almost 2 and he surprised me with new things every day.
Because I don't print photos for the albums I purchase.
Because my whole family lives overseas and they lose every important second of his life/our lives.
Because I spent countless hours searching for answers about diapers, breastfeeding, weaning, etc.
Because I dream to be an organized mom and I hope that this place will help me master my plan to be one :)
Because I need a place where I could go and read about things that have happened otherwise at some point of my life I will forget them.
by K 

Because random things happen on a daily basis.
Why start a blog?
Why start a blog?
Why start a blog?

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Hello :)

My first post. Still figuring out the whole set-up going on here while juggling cleaning after breakfast,
ironing clothes for a Sunday walk and slowly preparing to dinner - I need a pair of extra hands :) 
I promise next  time I will be here I tell you a little bit of me and a little bit of our story :)

by K