Friday, 5 September 2014

Mushrooms anyone?

We slowly say goodbye to the good weather, warm weekends, sunny days. 
We are somewhere in between summer and fall.
Now is the time for the last walks on the beach, wandering for hours through the woods, playing in the park and family expedition into the unknown.
But this is also time for mushrooms :) When I was a child I loved those weekends in the woods, we had to get up early I mean really early 5-6 in the morning and drive to this special place that my grandmother discovered years ago. Me and my sister we could run through the woods for hours and hours and we had a lot of fun. I want Philip to have those memories too.
So to the forest ... Anyone seen mushrooms? 

By the way - after years and years we know which mushrooms are edible and which one are not and we don't let Philip to eat them.

 by K...

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