Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Philip's Closet - Autumn

When it comes to clothes I have only one rule - Comfortable.
But comfortable doesn't have to be boring. There's so many clothing brands that we can choose from, so many colors and patterns. 
This year I decided to add color to Philip's closet. Green, orange, red and blue colors that make me smile every time. But I didn't chose my favorite colors I chose the ones that Philip likes the most. When he was 14 months I noticed that orange is his favorite color. He showed the biggest interest in orange objects, he wanted to play with orange cars only. So when I saw these orange Zara leggins I knew that they have to be ours :) We pick up some other things to and that way the wolf top and green jacket found a new home.

Besides Zara I buy clothes for Philip in few other places. For instance Kappahal is my go-to place for jeans. 
They are very good quality, it doesn't matter how many times Philip fall in them or stain them with grass, mud or any kind of food after wash they look like new. I also pick it up some tops that will look good with every kind of hoody and I loved these colors.

At this stage of life Philip is completely in love with dinosaurs so the Lindex top was perfect addition to his closet on the other hand I'm completely in love with stars patterns so I simply couldn't resist these pants. 

Zezuzulla is one of the brands that I like to call "Hard to get".
It doesn't screams on us from every billboard or magazine. 
Brands like Zezuzulla are unique and produced in small quantities,
people who design them put their whole heart into every model.
And most importantly these designers are mainly moms. Who knows better than they what's best for childrens? I come back for more every season
and I can't imagine Philip closet without these clothes.

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